Got Her Phone Number But Nervous About Making That First Call? Text Her!

Speaking from previous experience, I was on the side of being nervous about making the first call. I would put it off for days or months. At times, I would put it off so long, the woman I met forgot about me and moved on. Those were some very awkward moments indeed.

Of course, I was kicking myself in the pants afterwards because I felt like I let another opportunity to date and be in a relationship go by because I was too nervous to make that first call. Now, with the popularity of texting across various age groups, you can confidently break the ice.

Texting can be used to break the ice when you are nervous and uneasy about making that first call. These feelings hit even highly confident men at times. Texting allows you time to think about what you want to say without feeling pressured to say SOMETHING and mistakenly put your foot in your mouth. The point is don’t wait too long before you make the first phone call. Instead, texting will help you to gently break the ice and confidently move towards setting up a date when you call (soon after your text conversation).

During your text conversation, visualize yourself having an in-person conversation with the person you want to date. See yourself exuding a powerful but calm presence that will put her at ease. Allow those feelings to translate into your texting. Confidence or the lack of it can be picked up by women even through texting.

The potential for the conversation to stall is always there. Don’t sweat it! You know what to say because you got her to give you her phone number. Shift the focus off of yourself and shift it on to her and getting to know more about her. Continue your text conversation to allow any nervousness to dissipate that will impact the quality of your phone conversation.

When you finally get around to making the call, you will more than likely find that your text conversation has made her more open and at ease with you. Don’t screw it up. Keep focused on getting to know her and respecting the pace at which she is moving. If not, you will come across like wind and blow your chances. Most of all, have fun, be genuinely interested in her and show it. Dust off your shoulder if she doesn’t ultimately accept the opportunity to get to know you better. Rejection isn’t personal. It’s just an occasional speck of dust that falls on your shoulder and you need to brush it off.

He Won’t Text You Back – What You Should Do

Is it alright to text a guy when he won’t text you back? What do you do when the guy you like wouldn’t text you back? When is the right time to text him again? The wonders of mobile phone technology and SMS has made communications easier but it seems that some men are still not buying into the whole ‘text dating’ thing. You would think that after the first date, it would be easier for them to contact ladies by just throwing a text to their direction but no. So what should you really do when he won’t text you back?

Quit the spam

Receiving more than 10 SMS from the same person within a span of a few hours is enough to annoy anybody. Text him once but never again until he replies. Don’t use up your plan’s SMS credits to badger the guy about why he is not responding to your texts. If he’s really interested, he’s going to text you back.

Sending him an SMS once is enough sign that you’re interested in going out on another date with him. You don’t have to spam his mobile phone with messages because that would just make you sound so desperate.


Yes, it will try your patience but you’re going to have to start learning how to wait until he responds to your SMS. As earlier mentioned, if he’s interested, he’s going to text you back so don’t go around fiddling your thumb and keeping your eyes glued to your mobile phone willing it to beep. Keep yourself busy and push thoughts of him to the back of your head. You do have your own life to live, you know, so you shouldn’t act as if you’re living for that one response coming from a guy. If he won’t text you back, it’s either he’s not interested or he has a perfectly good reason for failing to send you an SMS.

What to do when he finally responds

So you discover that the guy hasn’t lost his fingers because you finally get a text message. There’s no use in my telling you to not make a run for the phone because you have probably done that. But before you click ‘reply’, you might want to make him wait a little. Call it payback for making you wait but it’s more like making sure that he doesn’t think you’ve been hopelessly waiting for word from him all this time when he won’t text you back. Make him wait an hour or two even before you respond.